Post's Format

Throughout my posts I tend to follow a single format. It's how my 🧠 works, and I like to think it helps the readability!

Here are some of my formatting tendencies:

  • ✏️ I like to highlight key words. These are words that are either important to the article, direct subjects of the writing, or the word ☕ coffee which MUST always be emphasized
  • 💬 I don't always use Block quotes to quote things! Markdown editors lacks a decent Toast-like object so I tend to use Block quotes instead. If there is an actual quote I will credit the source at the end like so: - <source>
  • ↕️ I use BIG headers to signify a main section. Main sections are divided by a line
  • ⬆️ I use slightly smaller headers to signify sub-sections. There are no line-breaks between those
  • 🧀 It's cheesy BUT I like to write a Conclusion section. I'll end every article with a summary of what was accomplished.

Content Disclaimer & Some Thoughts

All of the content of my articles are based off of my own knowledge, opinions, and experience that I've obtained by playing with personal projects, working with fellow developers, and research 📚📚📚

This means there are bound to be some short-comings in some things I write, or even just solutions that are different from what someone else may come up with.

the best way to learn is to teach - Frank Oppenheimer

I very much welcome any constructive criticism or alternative solutions to what I write! I think the most awesome thing about blogging and the tech community in general is the opportunity to learn from each other. There is a vast amount of knowledge so easily available throughout platforms such as this one, let's take advantage! So please comment, shoot me messages on Twitter, whatever is most convenient! I love to hear from my readers.

Thanks, hope you enjoy!